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My adventures in scifi and fantasy in Australia. This will contain reviews of books, movies, tv and profiles of bookshops, author appearances and anything else I can think of. Check it out:

Summoning the Night Review (Arcadia Bell Bk #2) by Jenn Bennett

Stars: 4

Arcadia Bell is back! And so is Lon and Jupiter and the Hellfire Club, in this the second…

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Arcadia Bell 1: Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett: 3.5 Stars Review

Excellent beginning to a new series. LOVED the interaction between Cady and Lon, a single demon-father with a teen son.

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Review of the fourth Atticus adventure in which our intrepid druid starts a new life. This is a book that is a fun ride, but as with most beginnings it left me wanting. 

Author Christopher Golden recently answered some questions for Legendary Women Inc for Buffy month on his writing for Buffy and strong female characters! 

Finally, FINALLY saw it *dies of awesomeness* 

Laura Resnick did a guest post for OBS about her writing and influence on her latest Esther Diamond novel, Vamparazzi. I did not expect that to include Byron, John Polidori and The Vampyre.